Know How Much Does The Right Temperature For The Baby Room Here

Using air conditioner is highly recommended when you sleep. This will make sleep more comfortable and sound. In fact, in infants, the use of air conditioner is also very appropriate when they are sleeping. However, make sure that the air conditioner in the nursery has a good and clean. You can clean the air conditioner at

However, you also need to know what temperature is right for the baby when they fall asleep. Temperatures that are too cold for babies can cause the baby to become sick as it lowers the baby’s body temperature. For tropical countries, the recommended idol temperature for children is 23-25 ??degrees Celsius. Then, can be adjusted to temperatures 18-20 degrees Celsius for newborn babies born, however, do not forget also to always wear thick and comfortable clothes during sleep.

You can also set the automatic temperature on the air conditioner to monitor the duration of cooling the room. And you also must adjust the temperature periodically.