3 Tips for maintaining the car battery

Caring for a car battery is one of the things that must be considered for car owners. Because the battery is one of the electrical components that are vital for a vehicle. Because the battery has one of the most vital functions that is to help start the start of the engine starts a vehicle. Without car engine, batteries cannot be distorted. No distant the car engine cannot live. So it is not wrong for car owners to know a little about how to care for a car battery. Battery maintenance that needs to be done is: charging the start of a new battery, heating the car regularly, checking the battery level, checking the battery terminals, charging the battery batteries, checking the electrical load and starters, checking the battery body and others. Meanwhile, you may visit Garage Master Blog to find a reliable guide for the battery changer.

1. Charging start of a new battery

 When you first buy a new battery, try to start the engine for at least 15 minutes. This is intended to occur charging on the newly installed battery before the car is silenced or not in use.

2. Heat-up the car regularly

If the vehicle will not be used for a long time, eg during the week, try to always turn on the engine car at least 15 minutes every day. In addition to heating the vehicle engine, it aims to recharge the power on the battery so that the car battery does not drop when it will be reused.

3. Battery level checking.

 This applies to the aqueous battery, the battery water surface must be maintained between the upper and lower limits, therefore it needs to be checked regularly at least once a month. If the water contained in the battery is below the lower limit (lower level indicated in the battery pack), while the battery continues to be used then this can cause damage to the battery. Charging that exceeds the upper limit (excessive), the water can overflow and damage the vehicle.