Note Some Things Before Washing Your Own Curtains

Every curtain you have in every room in your house usually will easily get dirty because a lot of dust is attached. For that, you must clean it periodically so that no dust that accumulates there. Before you know the different ways you can clean the curtains, you need to choose the curtains you need in Keeleys Window Blinds. There are many types and colors that you can choose there.

If you have chosen the right curtain for the room in your house, then you must know how to clean the curtains in a proper way so as not to damage them. There are several ways you should look before washing the curtains you have, such as

1. Recognize Curtain Materials First
The first thing you should do is recognize the curtain material. not all curtain material can be washed using the washing machine. Curtains made of cotton, polyester, or satin are usually jewelry and do not use a washing machine to wash it. Meanwhile, faded materials or organza cannot use the washing machine because it is easily damaged.

2. Curtains Made Thick
Curtains are thick-based, you need to wash using a washing machine. When washing curtains with a thick material, then do not mix it with other clothes. Use a soft detergent and avoid using hot water that can damage the curtain.

3. Curtains Made Thin
To wash the curtains that are thin, you can even wash it safely. You can soak it first for 30 minutes until all the dirt lifted. After that, you can add vinegar to make curtains cleaner. The last step is you can add the fragrance to make the curtain fragrant.

4. Drying Technique
To dry the curtains you have just washed, you are advised not to use the dryer in the washing machine as it may damage the material from the curtains. you can dry it in the sun directly so that the curtains can dry completely and not damage the material.