Customize the Color of Your Belt and Shoe

Belts become a compulsory accessory that men often use. However, most men often consider the belt as a trivial accessory. They tend to be less concerned and notice the trick of using the right pasek do spodni to support the appearance. In fact, the use of the right belt can make your appearance to look more maximal. About the appearance of the dress, most men certainly never are separated from the use of a belt. As if a mandatory accessory, then there is no harm in having a variety of models and colors belt. Moreover, it is important to use the same colored belt with the shoes to be used.

One of the unconscious mistakes is the selection of the color of the belt. Yes, for men, it is important to adjust the color of the belt with the shoe color to be used. This is useful for making appearances look harmonious and does not look weird. This rule applies to a formal or casual look. For example, wearing a black belt then use black shoes also. For casual style, can use a navy blue belt if sneakers are used also matching the color.

– Formal black leather
Belts of brown or black leather material become a basic item that must be owned. Why? Yes, this type of belt one can be used to attend formal activities, such as going to the office until the wedding reception party.

– Tan weave belt
Tan weave belt suitable for smart casual display. Or it can also be used to the office for a more relaxed look. Match with T-shirts, chino pants, and brown shoes.

– Colored fabric belt
For other smart-casual styles, you can use this type of belt. Choose a lightweight belt material, then blend for a monochrome or other casual look.

In addition, in order to size more suited to the pants worn, then choose the size of a belt one level above the pants. The size of the belt should be a few centimeters long after being tightened, at least through the retaining ring (belt loop).