A brief explanation about the inflamed gums

Swollen gums mean gums are inflamed. Inflammation has many causes, ranging from bacteria, viruses, fungi, conditions or conditions of the body and other diseases that support. Meanwhile, you need to visit top area dentist if your inflamed gums are very painful and severe.


Inflamed gums can also result from brushing teeth that can injure the gums. The habit of brushing the wrong teeth like this will gradually cause the gums to become sick. So easily inflamed and crawling. When you brush your teeth out the blood visible from the toothpaste foam. This is something you should be aware of, as it may indicate a larger illness. Therefore you need to pay attention to how to brush your teeth properly.

Gums is a sturdy tissue that is generally pink colored because there are many small blood vessels and meetings. If the wrong in brushing teeth, causing tearing of blood vessels so that blood can come out. Not only that other causes such as sensitive gums can also quickly injured due to friction brush teeth.

When the swollen gums will become very sensitive. It causes an infinitely painful feeling that is only felt by the sufferer. Swollen gums also bleed easily when brushing teeth. Located close to the face, swollen gums can also be seen on the cheek face. This can be seen on the asymmetrical face. This is all caused by the presence of asbestos or pus, bacteria, and wounds on the gums.