Tips for selfies in low light condition

If we get stuck in a dark atmosphere, try to find a background or background that is bright enough. For example, the wall is white or rather bright. Background with bright colors like white or young colors will help our smartphone’s camera to absorb light better, so it looks brighter. Unlike the case, if our background is dark or bold colors like black, blue, red or dark green. These colors will give a darker effect on our faces. In the meantime, you can visit if you want to get the best equipment for selfies.
In addition, Try to take advantage of the light from the flash smartphone in another way, that is to flash the flash from another smartphone towards us when will selfie. Highlight from the side or front slightly upward so that the incoming lights remain soft and can illuminate our faces well. Or look for additional light as much as possible there, such as the glow of lights on the walls, wall hangings or anything that gives off light and more.