3 Simple tips for cleaning your furry carpet

Fur rugs have advantages over ordinary carpets. Fur rugs are more soft and soft, so it is more comfortable if used as a seat. In addition to soft and comfortable, the use of fur carpets in a minimalist home will make the home look more luxurious and elegant. Usually, feather rugs are placed in front of the TV, as a place to watch television while lying. But there is also the weakness of the fur carpet from ordinary carpets, which is more difficult treatment. How to clean the fur carpet should be more careful. In the meantime, you can also visit http://spotlesscarpet.info/ and hire the good carpet cleaning service near you.


Well, so this carpet is not easy to damp and moldy, here’s how:

How to clean the fur carpet

1. Drying the carpet

The easiest to dry the carpet. Fur-carpets need to be dried at least once a week. Its purpose is to remove germs and bacteria. Drying the carpet can also prevent carpets from odor and moisture.

2. Clean with a soft brush

For daily grooming, take the fur carpet out of the house and wiggle to remove any dust attached. Can also use a soft brush to wash the feather carpet until all the dirt falls.

3. With a vacuum cleaner

Eliminating dust with vacuum should be done on both sides. The trick: for the upper side or the hairy part, you should cover with a cloth so that the vacuum cleaner straw does not damage the fur.

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