These Are Some Impacts Of Taking Medical Drugs In A Long Term

Anyone would know that taking excessive medication for a long time is a very bad thing. However, now you can visit to be able to find out anything that can cure a disease other than the medical drugs you normally consume.

Taking medical drugs is not a good thing if consumed continuously. In fact, there are some effects you can feel from consuming the drug, such as

1. Infection
Some drugs used in the long term precisely can trigger an infection in some parts of the body. Especially antibiotic drugs or vaccines made through the utilization of bacteria and viruses.

2. Kidney Damage
The kidney is a blood filter, and every drug is also removed by blood. Consuming too much drug can make the cause of kidney failure in the future. Because of the many toxins that accumulate in the kidneys.

3. Complications
This can happen if you are too many and often consume various drugs or because of an unhealthy lifestyle.